The staff here at Harbour Light Campground know that questions often arise when looking for a place to stay or even while staying there. We have tried to cover the majority of questions we are frequently asked in the section below. Of course, we cannot cover everything that might come up so please feel free to email us with any new questions you might have. We will try our best to help!

Simply click on the title (e.g. Prince Edward Island Ferry) and a drop-down section will appear with some information about the title on it.


Many of our clients are coming off or going to the P.E.I. Ferry.  We are located 8km or 5 miles (approx. 8min) drive from the ferry terminal (you can avoid going through the town, refer to directions). The ferry has a schedule of times that it runs during the day depending on the time of year.  You do not pay going on the ferry but you do pay when you leave the island. You can make a reservation as well. You can find the ferry schedule, prices and make a reservation here: PEI Ferry Website

Many of our clients, both seasonal and over-nighters (from outside Canada as well) have been able to access satellite networks within our park (i.e. Direct TV).

Yes it is. We have zero tolerance policy for loud partying, fighting etc. and especially after 11 pm. This is out of respect for our clients. We are a quiet family campground that believes one can enjoy themselves without such happenings.

Nova Scotia has a strict policy when it comes to trash. Within the campground, there is a bin for cardboard, a recycling station for all bottles and plastics (that have been rinsed), a compost bin for all perishable (food, leaves etc) and a trash bin for everything else. Diapers and dog poop are common misconceptions, they do not go in the compost or recycling but in the garbage (no one likes maggots!). If unsure on how to sort your garbage please ask a campground staff and/or visit this website here: Pictou County Solid Waste

Harbour Light Campground is not responsible for any injury occurred within the park (includes the pool and the beach). All children are required to wear helmets within the park. We do have a number of first-aid kits located in the office if anyone is in need. The closest Hospital is in New Glasgow approx. 21 mins away. There is an ambulance station located in Pictou by the Sobeys and Pictou roundabout. In the event an ambulance is called, please let the staff know so they can direct the ambulance and clear any vehicles or items in their way.


We highly recommend booking a reservation. We tend to book up quickly and therefore a reservation provides piece of mind. Also, our staff will be better poised to provide you with the best site for your unit if we have your information beforehand. You can, of course, come in off the road without a reservation and if we have a site available for you we will certainly welcome you in.

We do not take any visa information to make a reservation. We simply take your name and phone number and that is enough to book a reservation with us.


We deal in CAD dollars in terms of cash. In a pinch, we can take American cash but we do not usually do any conversions. A number of banks in Pictou should be able to convert some of the non-Canadian cash you might have.

No, we do not do cash back unless it is an extreme circumstance. If you do run out of cash, there are some banks located in Pictou (Scotiabank and RBC) that might be able to help you.

We do not charge for any cancellations. We would greatly appreciate being let know of the cancellation as soon as possible.


When you first arrive to the campground, you will see a sign near the office (straight down to the end of the road as you turn in) that says “please stop here.” Park your vehicle at that sign( do not worry about pulling over too much). Then proceed into the office. If you have a reservation or if there is a site available for you, one of our staff will then give you a map and take you down to your designated site. Either the staff attendant will ask you to follow their vehicle in your own unit, or the staff member will ask you to come with them in a company vehicle to show you the site. Once you are settled into your site, that evening, please come to the office to register and pay for your site.

If you wish to stay longer than your initial reservation, simply talk to the office staff and they will try their best to extend your stay. If they can, it will either be in your original spot or you might have to change to a different site if that particular site is booked out already.

The town of Pictou is approx. 6 min drive and a 45 min walk away from Harbour Light Campground. There is a cab company located in Pictou called Pictou Taxi (1-902-485-5025) which can pick you up at the campground.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take any of your remaining trash and recycling to the trash and recycling station near the office (located by the big wooden structure by the pool). If you borrowed any items from us,we would also appreciate if you brought them to the office as apposed to leaving them at the site.